About Us

Here you can learn more about who we are
and why we do what we do.

Our Story

LASxpress was founded in 2012 as a Transportation Service and Marketing Company to help facilitate complex ground transportation arrangements for large convention groups in Las Vegas, the “Convention Capital of America”. To bring this massive undertaking to fruition, LASxpress developed a customized online reservation system to make this a possibility.


Our technology is what separates LASxpress from the competition. Instead of booking reservations through an outdated manual system or with a dispatch operator, LASxpress provides clients with a user friendly and effective online reservation system they can utilize anywhere, anytime. This automation allows us to pass the savings on to our clients.


Today, we specialize in a wide variety of ground transportation services and utilize our reservation system to make the process for clients seamless. We currently have four service divisions (Airport Shuttle, Airport Luxury, Charter Service and Transportation Management). Our management team was built to cultivate and grow each of these divisions by combining the best customer service with easy to use technology to enhance the client experience.


 The management team has over 75 years of experience in the hospitality and transportation industry where they are recognized as experts in their respective fields.


Our Customers will never pay high taxi fares, be long-hauled by a taxi, or pay for expensive charter service.

Our Customers can call LASxpress Passenger Assistance and speak to a live operator.

Our Customers will be greeted by a representative with a smile at the airport.

Our Customers will not wait in long Taxi lines at the airport.